Logo Design

We created the San Diego Gulls logo when they formed the West Coast Hockey League. The challenge was to create an image that promoted the area, winning and that consumers would identify with. Almost 25 years later the image is still winning.

Spanish Village

Old Town San Diego needed an identity that would draw local consumers and tourists. Close to the border but safe and authentic. Since 2003 Old Town has been the most visited State Park in California. In 2003 a change in vendors caused major backlash. We began publishing the Old Town Guide and Old Town remains one of the most visited areas in San Diego.

San Diego Chargers

The Chargers had been a team image that was neglected by the NFL. We proposed that they change their out dated logo to increase visitor loyalty  and increase sales of merchandise. With some hesitation the NFL agreed but wanted their New York firm to create the image. They agreed to put the bid to San Diego firms over 10 agencies submitted designs. It took a year but they chose our design and the NFL decided to update most of the other teams.